Firmly Agreed

TASK B – Opinion

Let the fingers do the walking. One day, my friend was upset because he could not contact his girlfriend until his next credit arrived. I said to him, “Well write her a letter”. Suddenly, he shocked and said, “Are you kidding”. He confided me that why I need to walk to post office if I simply can send news to others through fax machine or text messaging. Therefore, it is firmly agreed that technology made us lazy and too dependent on it due to technology had myriad made the life being more extremely simplistic and distances people from real exercise.

To start with, technology had made the life being extremely simplistic. In fact, technology made people’s barely to lift a finger to cook a meal, wash clothes, talk to friends and loved ones from far away. For instance, studying via search engine in the internet or online databases is a leisurely stroll to the local student in universities nowadays. So, why walk to the library when all the information at the fingertips? Thus, students simply take for granted on their works and plagiarism issues might cause happened easily. More dangerous, once they misinterpret the information, they have nothing to gain.

Moreover, technology also distances people from real exercise even real life. Nowadays, people tend to seat in front of their computer than having a great outdoors, fresh air, green grass, sunshine and facing the realities of life.  For example, technology had provided a lot of computer games like football match. People tend to play it 24 hours per days regardless about anything happened surrounding them. Unfortunately, they become addicted on it and gradually lack the skills needed to differentiate between fantasy and reality. In addition, people easily get the obesity crisis where they just cooked meals in the microwaves instead of walking to the shop for few minutes. So that, people become more unhealthy from day to day due to less of exercises.

All in all, because of the way of daily jobs become extremly simplistic and the technology made distances or gaps between a real life dan fantasy, it is strongly agreed that technology made people lazier and too dependent on it. After all, with technology, people seems like careless and take for granted of their life. Therefore, it is recommended that people really need to balance to use technology as long as it benefit on their life.

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