Ucapan Dasar YDP MPP USIM Sesi 2008/2009





SESI 2008/2009

“ Motivasi, Profesional, Perubahan”

Yang Dipertua

Yang Dipertua

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

Praise be to Allah, the Creator and The Sustainer of the world, Peace and Blessings be upon the Holy Prophet Muhammad S.A.W, his family and companions.


Distinguished Guests and my fellow friends,

“To Enhance Students Towards Holism and Maturity With an Islamic Identity, in Fullfilling The Vission and Mission of The University and Competitive in The National and Global Arena”.

2008 is a historic year, our beloved institution has been renamed as Islamic Science University of Malaysia and known as USIM. On behalf of the students, we as the earliest generation of Student Representative Council would like to express our pride and happiness to be part of USIM’s big family. I believe that the establishment of this institution and the elevation to its new status will be the first step towards developing the most effective and excellent human resources in conjunction with Islamic practice. Therefore, I’m optimist that we are making a great progress to achieve our vision for professionalism among students. We are very committed to this vision as it is in line with the philosophy of USIM.

In order to face these challenges, every entity of USIM, the management, lecturers and students especially should have full understanding and play important roles in order to uphold USIM’s goodwill. Thus, the Students’ Representative Council will be the catalyst to generate professionalism among students. Insya Allah, we will head the students in achieving this mission and vision of the university as a whole.


Distinguished Guests and my fellow friends,

For this session, MPP plans to focus on developing the professionalism of students as we are established as a university. As the main body representing all students, we are very comitted in lending our hand to achieve the mission and vison of the university. We would like to focus on improving students’ quality in every single aspect together with academic emphasis. Essentially, students’ professionalism will evolve into a new generation of Muslims who are highly ethical, socially responsible, dynamic and technically and morally competent to take up the challenges of this information age.

Therefore, I would like to take this golden opportunity to announce the three axes that will be the fundamental of our mission, which we will strive for in this session. The axes are clearly stated as :

1. Empathy/Concern of Students’ Welfare

2. Optimise Students’ Intellectual Potential and Internationalisation

3. Generate Students’ Dynamic and Islamic Personality

The most important things that we have considered in deciding these three axes of our mission are the realibility of the targets to be achieved. We have also taken into account our ability as well as the relevance and relativity of the targets so that the axes are parallel to USIM’s philosop.

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